The Sims 4 For Android:

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This is free to install till . It will be officially released for $19.99.

*****The Sims 4 INSTALLER FOR ANDROID*****

The Sims 4 is now available to download! this app has been in beta stages and is now finally available for all android devices

Have you been trying to find The sims 4 on android ? Well say no more, because you're in the right spot. It's been a long time that the sims 4 has been on PC and the fans have been waiting and wanting to play using their phones on the go, right out of their pockets! This doesn't require you to pay anything in order to download the the sims 4 for android since we are offering a free download for a limited time.

Features of the Sims 4 On Android

- Storytelling with The Sims 4 is more powerful, more fun, and more entertaining.

- With rich Emotions and quirky personality traits our all new Sims are more expressive than ever. This has a dramatic impact on the choices available to them throughout the game!

- Sims move about the world more naturally, get into and out of groups smoothly and can even do many things at once! All of that adds up to the Sims behaving more naturally, which makes Sim watching in the Neighborhood just as much fun as playing

- New menus and layouts put life at your fingertips with everything you need to know conveniently available at all times.

- Take your Sims back and forth; live in one world, visit the gym in another, pursue relationships across multiple Neighborhoods, explore for collectibles and secret locations

- With more support for ethnicities and body shapes than ever, there really is no limit to who you can create.

- The All new Build Mode in The Sims 4 features Drag and Drop building with both furnished and unfurnished rooms which allows you to create great looking homes quickly

This Sims 4 android app has been in the development stage for over 2 years, perfecting the quality, speed, and gameplay for phones.

This latest version has finally reached a wide audience because of all the issues and bugs that were fixed from the beta versions. You cannot miss out on this, especially since we are offering a free download for a limited time. The best part of it all is that we will still provide news, free updates, and fixes regarding the app to our free and paid users.

Now don't you feel kind of lucky that you chose an android over iphone? Everybody has been waiting for this to release. Don't have enough money to buy the sims 4? thats fine! don't want to have to be limited to just a pc when playing? thats fine! Your free Sims 4 android download is waiting for you.

How To Download the Sims 4 on android:

- Once downloaded you need to tap the app icon and the sims 4 will check online for any updates then proceed to the main menu

- You will have options like settings, load game, import files, etc

- Load game and enjoy the sims 4 mobile app

This Sims 4 for android is free and does not cost users until the free offer is over. Download has been tested and verified. Please make sure you leave a comment or share if you enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions of the Sims 4 Mobile

We have received some questions regarding the game, and some of them are:

1) How do I download the app? Answer: It's recommended that you use your mobile phone to download. Click the download button above (Direct Download) and complete the human verification by downloading and installing a free app on your phone and opening it for 30 seconds, it is not a survey! you will then be redirected to your Sims 4 link. We do this to avoid robots, and security reasons.

2) Why does my game freeze in the middle of gameplay? Ans: Make sure you are running the latest version of OS on your device. If your game still freezes then you have to upgrade your device.

3) Do you provide updates

Ans: Yes, you will receive updates when they are available at no cost

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Stev Chenn

Love it! Its fun to play, especially the new updated version since it's on my phone, really good graphics considering that it runs on a smartphone

Willy Herrera

Suggestions It would be really good if this app would install automatically instead of direct download. Other than that the sims 4 is aweso...

Divyanshu Rawat

A lot of pixelation on big screen sizes It runs pretty slow on my galaxy s3. I had to use low settings and it kind of takes lot of time to load. Anyways great app.

Urjit Talati

Worst app I downloaded this game then I had to verify to install, after installing I played for a little bit which was good but I cannot play again. It freezes...

Alan Standley

It's free We know that EA makes the best games on handheld! I also got to download it free for a limited time.

Jennifer Mask

Sims 4 on your phone. If you want to play the sims 4 where ever you want then this is the app for you. My phone heats up quickly even after playing few minutes though.

Sergeant Mason

Legendary read below Thus is by far the best app I have ever downloaded! Games come with Great graphics, plus super fun gameplay.

Ian Joseph

Best android app This is the best android app I have ever played. I play other games all the time when I cannot take my pc with me. Best thing is I can continue missi...

What's New

Alongside the visual overhaul that will come with the upgraded release of newer games, content additions will also be present for new and returning users. So far, EA has announced the following updates for all users
- Less freezing and getting stuck on main screen
- Faster Trying to get the sims 4 to work fast with all phones no matter what you have
- iOS Support Hoping within the next couple releases we will have iOS Support for iPhone users